Our Commitments


Raven + Lily is 100% women-led. We strive to create economic opportunities for women in a supportive environment that actively promotes and upholds women in work. 

We believe in championing women and ensure that they are involved in every aspect of our business, whether at executive level, in design and development, or sourcing and production. We encourage women to seek roles traditionally occupied by men, such as metal and leather work, by providing them with the training necessary to master their chosen craft. 

Over 65% of women in the Raven + Lily global community are mothers. We are proud to support working mothers with flexible hours in an environment that is respectful and promotes balance and well-being at work and at home.



Raven + Lily is a member of the Fair Trade Federation. We ensure fair wages and a safe, respectful work environment for our artisan partners and their teams: 100% of the Raven + Lily global community is paid above the average living wage.

We believe in preserving local crafts in communities around the world. Our long-lasting relationships with our artisan partners average six years and span five countries. Collectively, we are committed to making a social impact. Since our inception, we have donated to nonprofits and projects that support and enrich local communities. We give 1% of our sales back to organizations that share our ethos and principles. 

We are proud to promote inclusivity and diversity at every level of our business and are committed to engaging the next generation of innovators, supporting and encouraging them with a program of internships, training and mentoring.



Raven + Lily designs are made using natural and sustainable materials. As a B-corporation, we uphold a high standard of transparency in everything we do. We care deeply about the environment and are committed to responsible production and minimizing waste by utilizing available materials down to the very last detail. All of our packaging is made using either recyclable, compostable, biodegradable or zero waste materials, and we offset the carbon footprint of our shipping by purchasing carbon credits.

Crafted by makers in small batches and made with materials local to their region, our products are handcrafted by skilled artisans. Every piece that makes up our bags is cut by hand, our semi-precious stone jewelry is shaped and polished by hand, and our sustainable horn homeware is formed by hand. 

Every piece in our collection is designed and created to last. Conscious and considered, we favor longevity over fleeting trends.

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