About Us

Our sustainable designs are inspired by nature and our environment. Founded in Austin, Texas, our subtropical climate provides us with an abundance of lush vegetation, verdant hills, sparkling lakes, endless vistas, big skies, and plenty of scope for imagination.

We work with women-led businesses who employ skilled craftspeople and invest within their community. Our partners are committed to building their workforce and provide their employees everything they need to learn, grow, and prosper. We are proud to support our partners in their efforts to improve their business while remaining autonomous. We work with international businesses that value the tradition of craftsmanship, using locally-sourced materials and handcrafted techniques to bring our designs to life. It’s a symbiotic relationship that’s always evolving.

As pioneers of the sustainable movement, we favor longevity over fleeting trends. Everything we make is designed to last for more than a season. We want you to feel comfortable, capable, and at ease in Raven + Lily – our pieces are made to help you navigate life’s myriad of possibilities.

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