Diaz Wide Ring // 5 - Raven + Lily
Diaz Wide Ring // 6 - Raven + Lily
Diaz Wide Ring // 5 - Raven + Lily
Diaz Wide Ring // 6 - Raven + Lily

Diaz Wide Ring


Suggested Retail Price: $70

The Diaz Ring finds elegance in simplicity. Inspired by our favorite Any Given Sunday character portrayed by a formidable Cameron Diaz, she quietly speaks volumes. Made in Kenya, the Diaz Ring is handcrafted from 100% upcycled and hand-polished brass.

Brilliant and unpretentious, Diaz was made to be worn every day. Happy solo or in company, try our Anya Ring for a twist on classic minimalism.

Details Everything you need to know.
  • Available in sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9
  • Material: Upcycled brass
  • Measures .5cm (width)

CARE GUIDE: To preserve the quality and shine of your up-cycled brass, we recommend limiting exposure to water. Please remove your jewelry while exercising, showering, or swimming and limit contact with perfumes, lotions and hair products. We recommend Brasso Metal Polish or lemon juice to shine your brass products. To clean with lemon juice, mix 1 part water with 1 part lemon juice. Soak your brass in the solution for 5 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with water. Be sure to dry completely with a soft cloth.

Artisans Learn about who made this.

Upcycled brass, handcrafted by our partners in Kenya.

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